1. Jessica says

    I’m a graphic designer working in the technology industry for a marketing team. I found these images when I searched ‘Wall-E and Eve” no “as humans” needed. Cool excitement, and impressive SEO techniques!

  2. Loranikas303 says

    I’m a 14 year old girl, I even drew WALL-E and EVE who is the cutest thing ever. Even I drew a human-like cyborgs, and inspiration of the movie based on manga, Alita: Battle Angel. My designs have artificial organs and WALL-E’s heart is the motherboard which I decided to add a heart button on the motherboard and EVE has energy core which is similar to artificial heart. WALL-E and EVE does have a heart beat sounds which their hearts lights up. If WALL-E almost dies, his heart rate and beats slower. Even they have veins. Also, WALL-E has wide eyes because his robot form is adorable. EVE has a black visor shaped like a gumdrop with blue LED eyes. EVE has a white gumdrop shaped bob hair. She has white skin, slender but a little chubby like her robot form. She has fat arms, she has Limb enchancers or bionic arms and legs, her right arm pops up into her gun arm. She wears a white “skin tight” suit with grey lines details rounded her stomach and chest (just one circle on her front body) with a panel on her left breast, and grey lines refer bottom leotard details on her pelvic area. She has a turtle neck colour and loading lights on her colour bone. She has a white belt with a big pocket shaped like a long fingernail which she stores the plant and it moves. EVE is a woman or girl especially she voiced by Elissa Knight because Knight is the middle aged Pixar employee. And I have a design of WALL-E, who is just like a 14 year old boy but he is 700 years old for active 700 years. He has fair skin, slim figure, and his brown hair almost looks like Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 but a little bigger and a fewer spikes. Just like Advanced Defense. He has Googles with camera lenses that he can see things closer and protect his eyes from harm. He has grayish brown eyes and has reflection. They both have a natural skin but have a Cyborg details. WALL-E wears a orange yellow shirt with elbow length sleeves that matches with his robot form and gray trim and he has a gray vest. He has a solar charge and audio that attaches on his chest. He wears a dark brown pants with jeans zipper and pockets, and he has dark brown and white stripes on each side on his legs. He wears a brown boots with conveyor belt feet rollers or not. Also he wears a grey fingerless gloves. WALL-E and other robots have Cyborg skins especially WALL-E is a cutest teen like Cyborg even the Japanese person, who designed WALL-E wearing were’s Waldo sweater which is just like a futuristic human teenager, his Anime face is cute and I copied his skin and hair color even the palettes. Also I use brightness and contrast. I drew Humanized M-O, same as a Japanese person who drew him but I drew him wearing a black underpants armor. And I drew AUTO, which I copied Schiffer cake’s and I drew black futuristic details on his outfit, eye panel mask which he is captain cyclops and he has Wheel wings. I saw some fat human passengers in the Axiom has wide eyes too but there is no such things as skinny humans in the cartoon. I drew as Gijinka (Anime humanize) or Anime half cartoon which I rather than to draw Disney style and I’d rather to draw Ok K.O. Let’s be heroes style or Chibi. The character Dendy who is just like a human version of WALL-E but she is a female with no solar charge, audio, and stripes, and she is yellow and wear goggles like WALL-E. Dendy is like a female WALL-E or WALL-SHE. My OCs, WALL-SHE (me) and a Black WALL-E which he got the name “Obsidian” because the black WALL-E is like the black rock. If humanized, WALL-SHE is just like Dendy and schiffer cake’s WALL-E design, even she got the named “SQUEAK-E” by BnL or other robots because WALL-SHE shrink her voice and feminine and Obsidian’s appearance similar to WALL-E but he has fair skin and black hair, he kinda looks like an Emo but he is nice like WALL-E. SQUEAK-E is so funny, and my story is the Robots had to go operation colonize on mars. WALL-E robots are just like rovers on mars especially curiosity. And that’s it, oh no, I wish common sense media had users to create profile pictures especially I showed a Human Cyborg WALL-E on my profile pictures. However I love drawings even drawing humanized WALL-E is fun. Also I drew Gijinka version of Finding Nemo too. See Spot Run logo is kinda like WALL-E logo. I can’t wait common sense media to add edit profile pictures for users. Thank you. I’m Loranikas303 at Common sense media and out!

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