1. Nikita Gromov says

    Hey, i had this thing too. Weird. But the problem was that my OS crashed and i had to hard reset. In this case the database will not properly shut down and then you can do everything you want but MAMP will not raise the DB again even terminal doesn’t do this.
    So i had to turn MySQL in recovery mode and then back again to the normal state. After that my database works like a charm.

    MAMP Pro 4 macOS Sierra mysql bug

    Edit my.cnf via GUI (in my case it was MAMP PRO)

    1) find line
    #innodb_force_recovery = 2
    2) uncomment it
    innodb_force_recovery = 2
    3) restart
    4) comment back
    #innodb_force_recovery = 2
    5) restart again.
    6) Thats it

  2. Paul says

    I had to delete all log files and it worked, months ago I lost a lot of work because I couldn’t fix this.
    But this worked perfectly, thank you!

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